About me

Hey, i’m Arpna, studying in 10th ,St. Paul’s School, from INDIA.Everyone have some hobbies so do i, i.e. to read different types of stories and to to coding . I love to to party with my friends and spent time with my family.I’m currently involved in Google Code In(GCI) and if you are a pre-university student and ages between 13-17 ,you too can try your hand.

               306104_296709280410912_1485169338_n                     “Lead Us To Light” my school motto. And it is leading to us exactly  to our lighted path. Not only me but also the whole 3 thousand student studying in my school.It’s student’s nature that they do not want to go school they find it so boring. But in my school this case is opposite, everyone enjoy their studies, came to school by their own wish and follow every single discipline taught in school. Because my parents and teachers are so cooperative and helpful to us at every time. In true nature they are like candle who ignite itself to light us. But it is the nature of life that nothing is 100% perfect. Some mischievous student are also there and sometimes due to their miss behavior they are punished by our teacher. but someone had said…

                                                                 “Be Cruel To Be kind”

they got the punishment so that from next time they do not repeat the same thing. And instead of these, students everyone do their work sincerely and understand their responsibilities, because our school teaches us to understand our responsibilities and try to achieve their goal in life. And whatever I am is just because of my teachers and principal effort.

                We have a very amazing computer teacher at my school, I bow down to this man of great knowledge and values, Mr Ajay Kumar Prasad. He motivate us towards open source and from him i get to know about FOSSASIA and whole “open-source” world. The task at is interesting and knowledgeable, it is the path of builder, it make piece fall in places so that i can go on to the advance level.I’m currently involved with FOSSASIA organisation in Google Code In program and I love the support here.


           FOSSASIA provide field to developer and people to us open source. it was founded in 2009 by Hong Phuc Dang and Mario Behling. It provide to developer to to develop technologies , from hardware, images, graphics etc. its headquarter is in singapore. FOSSASIA actively participate in two of the most important event hosted by Google ,Google Summer Of Code (GSOC) and Google Code In(GCI).This year’s GCI’s FOSSASIA website gci16.fossasia.org.

It’s FOSSASIA’s three mind blowing projects:

  • susi_server : It is a application which receive message from different source like twitter.The server contain searching inbox for peer to peer sharing interface.We may use susi to search different types of tweet or message about specific topics.With the help of this we may store or save large amount of tweet.
  • open event webapp: It is used to generate web page. It has two terminal branches 1.event website generator 2.The actual generator website output.The web generator application generate can generate event by getting data from event json files.
  • open event orga server: It is used to manage events like concerts.Its information stored in database.It provide a field to modify and update it.Organizer can import or export the data like  JSON file and binary media file.